Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day

Today is Mary Magdalene’s feast day. I have always felt a strong connection to Mary, and to the Magdalene energy.  It led me on a solo pilgrimage to the south of France several years ago where I visited ​​the Basilica of Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume and the cave where it is believed Mary Magdalene spent her last days. I will never forget the wildness of nature that day as I made my way up to the cave.

The winds were intense, causing trees to fall around me. I noticed how the rocks felt like guardians, holding ancient secrets, seemingly lost.

mary magdalene pilgrimage

🌹 I first encountered this energy on my first visit to the Red Spring at the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, UK, where the Michael and Mary ley lines meet. Here, I was visited by a consciousness who introduced itself as the Magdalenes, and given the title and energetic download for my second book, Rise Sister Rise.

mary magdalene pilgrimage

🌹 I believe the Magdalenes are priestesses from the Celtic, Essene, Isis, and Avalonian lineages, and that Mary Magdalene herself was connected to this sisterhood and brotherhood of mystic souls who devoted their lives to service of feminine mystery teachings.

🌹  On my second visit to the Chalice Well, I received more. I learnt that Magdalenes have returned to spark a new consciousness on the planet, one where the masculine and feminine are returned back to balance. One where all people are reconnected with the sacred wisdom of their soul, and reconnected with the wisdom within their bodies and feminine within.

One where we surrender to the cyclic nature and natural rhythm of life. Perhaps you too are a Magdalene and are called to do this work?

mary magdalene pilgrimage

🌹 Most people who resonate with the Magdalenes also have a deep appreciation for the mysteries, the sacred and beauty. Many are here to devote their lives to the return of the feminine and the remembering and reweaving of the sacred back into our everyday lives. To return to our bodies, each other and the earth.

To find the courage to share their voice, be seen and reclaim their power. Many are often drawn to work with roses or the symbol of the rose, which is an ancient symbol of goddesses of old.

mary magdalene

🌹 Magdalenes may hold great grief from times when the voices and power of the feminine were silenced and snubbed out, and the knowledge that in many parts of the world this is still happening today. It is this that Magdalenes are here to heal.

🌹I created The Magdalene Initiation soul journey and workbook to connect with the energy of the Magdalenes, call back your power, reclaim your voice and cast off any way you have felt bound, restrained or constrained in this lifetime, in your ancestral lines or even past lives.

Magdalene Initiation

If you would like to connect with this energy more deeply, check out The Magdalene Initiation here.

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