Letter to a Lightworker

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I believe that we are all here for a reason.

I believe that you have in you beauty that is waiting, no craving to be expressed. Unfolded. Opened. Released. Blossomed. Smelt. Remembered. Seen. Witnessed. Let out.

I believe that before you were born you knew exactly how you wanted to express this beauty and it is more of a case of remembering than discovering or working out.

I believe that you are everything you need to be already. It’s just a matter of shaking off the shackles and letting go of the fears and turning down the volume of that little voice that tells you that you are not enough. That you are not ready. That you don’t deserve to be here.

I believe that you are ready. That you are enough. That you do deserve to be here. That you are needed here. And that by not bringing all of you to the table you are letting down all those around you who could be experiencing the full you. Stop it. Now.

I believe that deep down, every person has a desire to be truly seen. In fact, that this is each of our deepest desires. A desire that runs so heavy and thick that when someone does actually see us, like really sees us, we experience a feeling of coming home.

I believe this is the most amazing experience on the planet and that it is 100,000 times better than chocolate or sex.

I believe that one of the quickest ways to see someone else is to see their spirit.

I believe that you don’t need to be in love to be in a state of love. And that you don’t need anyone else to experience this state of love. But when two people come together in their own states of love, mind-blowing, heart-expanding, joy-rocketing, toe-curling explosions happen.

I believe that we are all just visiting here. And that deep down nobody really feels at home or like they belong, because it’s not our home.

I believe that the purpose of life is remembering who you are, expressing who you are and in doing so reflecting back to everyone else who they are.

I believe that we are all notes in a symphony. And that pretending you are a C when really you are an A not only sounds horrible to you, but it puts everyone else off hitting their note. So sing your note, no matter what.

I believe that you are closer than you think and more beautiful, capable and full of light than your mind could ever imagine.

I believe in you. And me. And all of us.

~ Rebecca Campbell ~

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