Whispers for the darkness

the fertile void from the rose oracle by rebecca campbell

You have a light deep within. An inner bonfire that is always burning and craving to grow bright.

Right now it might be a small flicker of embers but no matter how dark, it’s always there waiting for the invitation to see you through the night. What came before or what direction you’ve been walking are of no interest. Come sit, warm the palms of your heart.

Burn high above the treetops or keep it at a slow shrub flicker, the choice is yours.

But no matter what happens or how much you refuse to stoke it, it can never completely fade or be snubbed out. Not by you. And certainly not by anyone else. Not even in the toughest of times. Especially not during these.

For the unwavering believers it takes an all encompassing darkness to truly trust (for some: notice) that it was even there in the first place.

And more often than not it takes being forced deep into the desolate damp dark corners in the hidden caverns of our heart to bring us face to face with this strange flicker that fires within.

And just before we decide to give up, for the skinniest fleeting moment, something catches our eye. We decide to walk toward the glow in the distance. And all of a sudden we understand why it had to be so desolate and dark in the first place.

And the more dark it is, the easier it is to see it. And the more you can see it, the brighter it gets. And the brighter it gets, the more you stoke it. And the more you stoke it, the brighter it becomes. And the brighter it becomes, the clearer your path. And the clearer your path, the more baby steps you take. And the more baby steps you take, the more you stride along. And the more you stride along, the braver you get. And the braver you get, the more you begin to leap. And the more you leap, the more you forge your own path. And the more you forge your own path, the more you light it up for others to tread. And the more you light it up for others the easier it becomes for them to do the same.

So no matter how small the flicker or how strongly you suspect it is gone, burnt or snubbed out – it never is.

Because your inner light is and has been always there, patiently waiting for you to invite it to lighten the path that has always been before you. So throw on another log and watch the embers glow in the distance as I watch on beside you.

For, the brighter and bigger you shine, the easier it is for me to do the same.

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