Isle of Avalon

Healing. Returning to wholeness. Transformation.

Legend says that Avalon was the island where Britain’s mythical King Arthur was taken after being fatally wounded in his final battle.

First mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s fictional History of the kings of Britain (1136), Avalon is said to have been ruled by the powerful enchantress Morgan le Fay and her eight sisters (thought by many to be high priestesses), who were widely renowned for their tremendous healing abilities.

Some believe that the Isle of Avalon, which is also known as the Isle of Apples and the Isle of the Dead, is a mythical place of healing that exists beyond the veil. Others say that it exists in the physical – Avalon and its healing spring waters have been identified as Glastonbury in Somerset, southwest England, and even today, pilgrims travel to the town. It’s believed that this sacred place of healing was once surrounded by water and could only be reached by boat.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

This is a card of great healing, and an invitation to see that your healing is an opportunity for great transformation. That perhaps the parts of you that feel as if they’re dying are actually being born anew. Maybe this healing journey is taking you somewhere truly glorious. Somewhere sacred deep within.


I surrender to my healing.

I activate the sacred intelligence within the waters of my body.

I call in all the support that’s most helpful.

I believe in my ability to transform and heal.

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