Is no guidance, guidance?

One of the most frustrating and testing things when it comes to intuition, is that at times we feel like we don’t always hear our guidance. Sometimes this can be because our mind is very busy and we have too much happening. Whereas other times, when you’re consistently not receiving specific guidance on a specific question you have – it can mean wait. Stop. Take a breath. Take some time out. The timing is not right.

This can be so frustrating because when we really want to receive guidance we REALLY want to receive it.

I remember a time when I was really really asking for specific guidance on where to live. I had received a vision, but I didn’t get any more specific information around that vision. Instead, I would receive the same vision over and over again. That was it.

This went on for years, until finally I woke up one day and received crystal clear guidance on where my next home should be. Now when I look back, I can see that during the time that I wasn’t getting the kind of guidance I was looking for, the threads were busy weaving themselves together. And it took patience and faith and trust to continue to hold onto that vision while I wasn’t receiving the specific guidance I craved, but in the end it was all worth it. And that vision I did receive ended up being so accurate, it just didn’t happen according to the timing I wanted at the time.

So sometimes when we are checking in and our mind isn’t too chattery and we’re not receiving guidance – it can mean that we need to take a moment, it’s not yet time. And have faith the guidance will come, but just not in the timeframe we want it to.


How can you embrace the timing of your life?

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