The intuitive body

you are not intuitive, your body is

My body, your body, our bodies are intuitive beyond fathomable measure. In fact, without them, we are not intuitive at all. Your clairvoyance is your body. Your clairsentience is your body, Your claircogniziance is your body. Your gut instinct is your body. Your ability to hear the whispers, is your body.

Recently I’ve been shifting the way I think about my body. Instead of seeing it as ‘Me’, I’ve been seeing it as my trusted companion. A friend who agreed to be with me through this magnificent, crazy, bumpy, beautiful, messy, sometimes extremely difficult experience called being human. Vehicle for my soul meets BFF kind of thing. Without Her, I do not exist. She makes it all possible.

Perhaps our bodies faults, limitations, so called shortcomings, aches and pains, bad digestion, that bung knee, that epic period pain or whatever, are not things that are slowing down our human experience (and all we came here to do and all of the light we came here to share). Perhaps they are actually MAKING sure they happen in this human experience. Or rather slowing us down so that we can fully experience them in this human experience. So we CAN do what we came here to do in entirety. So we can plant the light we came here to plant. So we can feel what we came here to feel. Learn what we came here to learn. Share what we came here to share. Heal what we came here to heal. Create what we came here to create.

If we really buy into the fact that we are souls here having a human experience then we must worship the body. For nothing is possible without it. This seems so obvious, but a huge one for us sensitive soul mission types who are always looking for spiritual solutions/naturally seeking enlightenment over embodiment.

So the next time you complain about your body holding you back, hold up for a moment…. And ponder this thought: Perhaps your body is not holding you back, rather, perhaps it is the one that is actually holding you through it. Making that very thing that you are feeling held back from, possible. Holding you, every moment of every day. Now that’s friendship. That’s companionship. What a sacred vessel indeed.

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