Into the Unknown

Underworld. Depth. Courage. Facing your fears.

Earth is a water planet. Seen from space, it appears blue. Water makes up 71 percent of Earth’s surface, yet we’ve explored less than 20 percent of its ocean floor. There are creatures of the deep that have captivated humans for millennia. It’s no wonder, too, that water has been used as a symbol for our inner, emotional world. There’s always so much for us to discover and uncover within.

Are you being called to face your fears and explore the unknown? To challenge what you thought was possible? This is a card of courage, initiation, and depth. Perhaps you’re being called to make a significant change in your life that you feel scared about. Or maybe what you’re experiencing is more internal than that.

Maybe Life is calling you to venture into the shadowy depths of your own inner journey. To face things that others may be afraid to face. To heal what might feel difficult to heal. To surrender to a metaphorical depth in order to reemerge anew.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

In the ancient Sumerian story about the Goddess Inanna’s journey to the underworld to meet her sister, she leaves the comfort of heaven and Earth to descend into the unknown depths. Here she encounters many trials and initiations until she returns, completely changed by her experiences. This story tells us that sometimes, to be born anew, we must face our fears and find the courage to venture into the unknown.

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