Inside the great pyramid

IMRAMA: The very centre of the Great Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt

A photo extract from my diary from my incredible trip through the sacred sites of ancient Egypt. Thank you to my guides Stewart and Ashraf.

inside the great pyramid

Today was an initiation in more ways than I am yet to comprehend. We woke with the dawn & the closer we got I could feel the energy rising. By the time we saw Her the sun was at its highest. This was the second time I had come here, and this time she invited me in. There’s so much we don’t know about the ancients, but one thing I feel is that they knew much more than we do about the power of sound, our connection with the stars & living beyond dying. We made our way into the body of what is arguably one of the most powerful places on the planet.

inside the great pyramid
After crawling in the darkness on my hands and knees in a tunnel that got narrower and narrower, we made it to the Queen’s Chamber (I was freaking out too much to take any pics). As someone who has been claustrophobic my entire life I broke down when I made it in. It was my second time in Egypt; the first in 2010 I was not ready to journey in, or perhaps I knew I needed to do it in reverence. I am reminded that most places of initiations work like this… they invite the initiate to go through a certain dying to arrive there. This time I was surrounded by the most tender-hearted men, who called me forth and helped me to my feet. How blessed to share this place with such reverence.

After meditating in the majesty of the Queen’s Chamber we then climbed while hunched over to the King’s chamber (pic shown) which was directly above. Here we were blessed to sing our cells back to sovereignty as the powerful vibrations of this sacred chamber echoed from the bones of the earth to the marrow of our own. We chanted each other’s name one by one. It felt like tender, sweet resurrection. Hours felt like minutes as we crawled from the womb of the pyramid on hands and knees and were birthed into the now dark, starlit sky. The moonlight gently whispering that everything is born and grows in the darkness. A day and a moment that will echo forever in the samskara of my soul. One I feel so deeply fortunate to have experienced. As destiny would have it, I was able to share it with the man who, three years ago, became my husband.inside the great pyramid

inside the great pyramid inside the great pyramid inside the great pyramid inside the great pyramid inside the great pyramid


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