Imrama Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle

Where are you being called to journey to?

The Celtic word Imrama means a journey of the soul. A voyage on which we don’t know where we are going, but our soul knows the way. If you pulled this card you are either being called on a soul journey or are already on one. It could be to a physical ancient place or metaphoric.

When we journey to places that our soul remembers, a shift takes place – both within us and to the planet as well. You are being called to journey to a place that is sacred to your soul. Perhaps it is to journey to the world’s sacred sites. Or called to cross the country, climb a mountain, lie on the desert floor, or drink from an ancient well. There are places to see and old friends to meet. I see spontaneous pilgrimages in your future.

If a physical voyage isn’t possible, journey through the portal of your heart. Follow the invisible soul trail and be willing to explore. Maybe read a book or watch a movie about a sacred time or place. Or perhaps you are being called to study an ancient lineage or body of work. Whatever your circumstances, your soul is ready to journey deep.

△ Work Your Light Activation: Hold your hand on your heart and say:

‘May seeds of light long ago planted begin to rise. I am ready to remember ancient secrets from lands that my soul knows from times past. May I be held by the ancient lineages that my soul has served and remember that I don’t have to do it all alone.’

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