I pray that you hit rock bottom

i pray that you hit rock bottom

i pray that you hit rock bottom

I pray that you hit rock bottom. 

The most painful time of your life.

I pray that you feel alone. Isolated. Deserted.

That you discover that what you thought was rock bottom was actually a ledge

and you come crashing down even further.

And as you land, you are cracked open into a million – no – a billion pieces

with no idea how to put them back together.

I pray that while you are down there, at the depths.

The only person you have to keep you company, is you.

I pray that you choose to gather up the pieces.

And with no idea how and in what order, begin putting them back together one by one.

Just right.

I pray for foundations mightier than the acropolis.

And an inner light that shines so bright it burns

the corneas of anyone who cannot handle your bright.

I pray for skin as comfortable as a tracksuit on a Saturday night.

And an inner light so bright that you can always find your way home.

I pray for the triumph of your spirit.

And the return of you.

By Rebecca Campbell