How to work out your core fear

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Our highest calling and greatest gift is often tightly nestled right behind our core fear. The higher your calling, the more fear you may have around it. Annoying but true! When we step into our biggest, brightest, most expanded self, our core fear is always triggered. Core fears are triggered by a childhood experience, and our ego uses these experiences as evidence that we are separate and alone in this world.

You are not separate. You are not alone. The ego then creates a script, which plays round and round in our head. By understanding what our ego’s script is telling us, we can stop the fear in its track and lessen the power it has over us.

Core fears:

  1. ‘I’m not good enough.’
  2. ‘I’m bad.’
  3. ‘I’m unworthy.’
  4. ‘I’m all alone.’
  5. ‘There’s something wrong with me.’
  6. ‘Everyone abandons me.’
  7. ‘I should be ashamed.’
  8. ‘I’m unlovable.’
  9. ‘I’m nothing.’
  10. ‘It’s not safe to be me.’

Which one do you relate to most? Can you track it back to a childhood experience? What’s the first time that you recall feeling like this? The more conscious we are, the less power our core fear and ego’s script has on us over time.

If you notice your fear coming up, it’s actually a good sign that you’re stretching yourself in the right direction. If you were playing it safe and ignoring your calling, the ego would have nothing to lose. As you step into your bigness and make the choice to expand your fears will raise their head.

Think of your fears as opportunities to expand, rather than things that are holding you back. If you look at your fears in this light then, as uncomfortable as it might feel, it’s actually a sign that you are on the right track.

My teachers always taught me, that if youre not uncomfortable, youre probably not growing. And the whole point of us being here is to grow. When fear comes up, give yourself a high five and say YES to expansion.

Work Your Light:

Take a look at the core fears listed above and select the one that applies most to you. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? 

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