Give more to others by giving more to yourself

self care

The art of receiving.

The more filled up you are, the more you have to give. It makes sense. But it’s so easy to forget, especially when we have people around us who truly need our support, effort, love, understanding, help or work. But it’s at these times when we are called to give more than normal that it’s most important to stop and fill up our own well. And the thing is it actually doesn’t take that long. And when we do it we are always more productive afterwards.

You don’t need to climb a mountain and go on retreat for a month to get the effect. Regular daily actions like taking a bath (10 mins), walking in the park (20 mins), buying yourself flowers (£6) or meditating (5 mins) will do the trick. If you don’t already do it give it a go for a week. The people around you will thank you for it in the end.

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