How to break through a creative block

There’s a question I always get excited by when someone asks me it because it’s been a big part of my journey. The question is:

“What should I do when I have writer’s block or some form of a creative block?”

When I look back, some of my best work has been through creative blocks. And embracing those creative blocks (instead of wishing they weren’t there) is how I began to move through them.

When you’re a creative, writer, or artist (and we all are), you will face creative blocks. But the key is to see them as opportunities. Once you can see them as an opportunity, you can then tune into what I call the creative muse or sacred intelligence. Because when we’re creatively blocked, often it’s because our mind or ego is frustrated that “we can’t find the answer.” But, the greatest solution comes when we surrender to sacred intelligence and let it inform the blocked part of us what it needs to hear.

Here are the four steps I use to break through a creative block: 

1. Embrace the creative block.
2. See the creative block as an opportunity.
3. Surrender to sacred intelligence. Put your hand on your heart, connect to the sacred and say “I’m here, I showed up, I need you to help me, I need you to guide me now.”
4.Allow the sacred intelligence to write to the blocked part of you.

This process has worked so well for me. It’s the way I’ve personally moved through blocks over my years as a creative and I feel so grateful to have discovered it. Even now when I feel blocked it can still seem frustrating, but the best bit is that I know it’s an opportunity for something even more inspired to come in.

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