How altar work can change your life


When we work with altars we create altered spaces. We bring the unseen world of spirit into the physical. We can tend to our inner connection and bring our deepest prayers into form. Altar work is such a powerful tool to really weave the unseen world of spirit and physical together. Spirit into matter. It has been the most powerful way I have woven the sacred into my everyday life.

Last month I was at an event in upstate New York and several students came up and showed me a clay Goddess that they had in their hands. I had them made especially by a local artist from the clay of the Glastonbury Tor and blessed by me at the chalice well and sent them to all of my students as the centre point of their Inner Temple Mystery School Altar.

The following month I was in Denmark and a woman and a man came up and flashed me their sacred Goddess. It moved me so much seeing this sacred web in the physical.

Altar work is at the heart of everything we do in The Inner Temple Mystery School.

By the end of the training we assemble a sacred mystery school altar with seven objects that are infused with the activations, transformations, energy and initiations we have experienced over the 9 month transformative journey.

There is a reason this journey is 9 months I’m duration. And I am so grateful to all who have answered the call to return to the temple within and integrate, activate and embody the call of spirit through saying yes to this training.

Enrolment for The Inner Temple Mystery School is now open until Tuesday. If you would like to join me for this transformative journey of reclaiming your spiritual gifts, reconnecting to your ancient wisdom, reconnecting to the wisdom teachings of the earth and sharing your unique medicine, come join us in The Inner Temple Mystery School today.

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