The healing heart

beautiful peonies
These beautiful peonies just don’t want to open. But when they do, they will be glorious. We can be like that too. When we are deeply hurt it can feel impossible to once again open our heart to the light of the world. To the hope of new beginnings. To the vulnerability of loving again for fear of being hurt, deserted, left alone. It doesn’t matter how slowly we recoup, how gently we open. Petal by petal, day by day, week by week, year by year. You will come through this. And if you are feeling particularly closed, dark, hurt by love and feel like you could never possibly love again I want you to know this… You will feel love again. And my deepest wish for you is that in the darkness you stumble upon the most rewarding love of all. The higher love between you and Source. I love you.

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