Have you had a past life in Atlantis?



First referenced by Plato and then psychics such as Edgar Cayce, the search for Atlantis is much discussed. Many have devoted their lives and everything they have to discovering this lost treasured land. It is thought that the continent of Atlantis was bigger than Asia and that it existed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Greek Philosopher Plato first mentioned Atlantis in his works: The Times and Criteas. He referenced it as a marvel of architecture. A city made up of a series of concentric circles surrounded by moats of water in the middle of the sea. In the center of the city was a temple to the God of the sea – Poseidon.

The Atlanteans are thought to have been an extremely technologically advanced group of people. It has been suggested that the technology to build the pyramids of Egypt and the Americas, and the megaliths of Europe came from Atlantis. And that the Atlanteans had communication with the wider cosmos and connection with beings from other planets.

Legend says that as technology advanced, the Atlanteans become more and more greedy and corrupt, struggling over money and power and it was brought to an end by a tidal wave which caused the continent of Atlantis to sink into the sea. I see Atlantis as a place of polarity and great power. There was a high state of consciousness and they knew much more than we do now but are starting to remember.

Most accounts suggest that Atlantis was destroyed by a series of natural disasters including earthquakes and floods… and that the continent exists to this day under the sea in the Atlantic, however this lost continent has never been found.

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