Grief is evidence of how much you love

We are going through a period of great change known as the quickening. We each hold a thread for the healing of humanity.

The challenge of this time is to keep your heart open through it. To not close it off or harden or shut down. Living with a soft open heart is a triumph. And it can also get messy. When we close our heart off to the pain and grief and fear and loss, then we also close our heart off from the joy, the love, the ecstasy and the bliss.

Grief is a portal by which we see just how much we love and loved. As we each do our best to keep our hearts open at this time we are able to offer love to those around us. And as we do this we play an instrumental part in the healing of humanity.

The first thing to realise is that the earth is part of the cosmos, cosmos is ordered universe. And so if you see the life force or sacred essence here on earth you are connecting to the beings of the cosmos too. The sacred is here. Below you, around you, within you, not just above you.

We are being guided to remember that we never got kicked out of the garden. That we and all beings are sacred. That the sacred is above us but it is also below us, around us and within us. There is something sacred here just as there is something sacred in the heavens. Peace for all here now.

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