Give yourself what you want others to give you

give yourself what you wish someone else would give you

If you want something, don’t wait around for someone else to give it to you. Give it to yourself first. When you do, two things happen.

1: You get what you want.

2: You change your vibration and so people then give you what you want.

For so long, I waited around willing my partner at the time to buy me flowers. Disappointed every time they didn’t. But I also didn’t buy them for myself. Until one day I said ‘f it’ and gave myself a £15 budget every week to buy flowers to my heart’s content. It felt a bit lame at first, but when I discovered how much it fed my spirit (the real reason I craved them in the first place), my perception changed. And now, I actually get given flowers from someone new pretty much every week. If you want something, give it to yourself first. And in doing so you will attract that exact thing bountifully.

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