Gentle Force

Consistency. Persistence. Patience. The long game.

Over time, a single drop of water has the power to shape even the hardest, most solid materials, from stone and rock to cliffs and mountains. In fact, water is responsible for crafting most of the stunning landscapes of this world. We can learn a lot from water in this regard – how consistent action, day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, can create steady, lasting change.

A hag stone is a stone with a naturally occurring hole through it caused by water erosion. For the Celtic people, they were good omens and were thought to offer protection. So many people give up before they begin to see results. But deep‑rooted change takes time. The most magnificent creations require committed crafting. We all have passions, but what most people don’t do is commit to these things and master them. We’re all beginners of something. The great masters, musicians, and artists of history were too.

Commit to your passions. Throw yourself into what you most long to create. Commit to showing up, day after day. Small steps, taken consistently, make a world of difference. If you commit to your creations with grounded daily action, in a week or a decade from now, you’ll be blown away by what you’ve created.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

There’s no rush – consistency is the key. Be like the drop of water on the hag stone. Play the long game. Don’t burn out before you really begin. Be patient and keep showing up.

Soul Inquiry

How can you show up with more consistency to what you’re longing to create?

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