For Those Going through Sacred Pain

Rebecca Campbell_For those going through sacred pain


Soon, these times of sacred rebirthing will be over. Soon. Soon. Soon.

These moments of devastating

s    e    p    a     r    a    t    i    o    n,

of polarity,  of being misunderstood, of confusion, of not being seen or heard…

And while just now we may not be able to see the end in sight, from the perspective of the soul what we are in is but a breath in the timeline of the Earth.

This moment matters. You came here for this. We all have our own personal syllabus. And some day, some decade or century soon, what feels like it will matter, will not.

So trust your part in the sacred play. Trust that these times are birthing times for the future of humanity. For all of us – both individually and collectively. Holy rebirthing times.

The one must fall for true Oneness to reign. It’s both about you and not about you. Trust your part in the sacred labor. In the contractions. In the pressure. In the darkness. In the  p  u  s  h.

In the void we will birth ourselves and discover that what we thought was a tomb is actually a womb. After winter sweetness will return once more.

It is the law of the Earth.

Page 215 of Letters to a Starseed by Rebecca Campbell

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