For those going through sacred pain right now

sacred pain

Soon these times of sacred birthing will be over. Soon. Soon. Soon. These moments of devastating separation, of polarity, of being wrongly accused, not accurately seen, misunderstood, scapegoated, of confusion… Soon. Soon. Soon, all will be but a breath in the winds of time.

This moment matters. And soon what feels like it will matter will not. Trust your part in the sacred play. Trust that these times are birthing times for humanity. For all of us. Both individually and collectively. Kali Durga times. Holy birthing times.

It is both about you and not about you at all. Trust your part in the holy birth. In the contractions. In the pressure. In the void. In the darkness. In the push. Sweet relief is coming. Sweetness is coming again. Soon. Soon. Soon.

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