Follow the stream

Dedication. Trust. Future rivers and oceans.

Streams can begin as small trickles and end up as immense rivers and vast oceans. They’ve been providing humanity with sustenance since we first appeared on this planet. Follow the stream and trust that one day, it’ll carry you to the rivers and oceans of your future.

You’re being called to surrender to the current of the waters that you’re in – to trust the path you’re walking and to keep showing up, day after day, to what you’re building. What might seem like a small trickle right now holds the promise of becoming a river or ocean in the world. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust your path.

This is a card of trust. You may not yet be able to see the future outcome, or perhaps you’re not quite sure how to get to where you’re going. On the journey, there will be many steps that require faith. This may be one of them. You’re being encouraged to find that faith. To keep facing your true north, to follow the stream and let it carry you.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

So, commit to your passions and be dedicated to what you’re creating. Keep showing up, day after day after day. If you do, before you know it, you’ll have created something huge, simply by showing up in small, consistent ways.

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If you trusted your path, what would you do?

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