rebecca campbell

Do not disturb the seedling while it is tenderly at work. There are great mysteries that you are not a part of. Let it be let it be.
Do not pull and poke and pry the bud open with your curiosity or doubt. There is intelligence at work that is secret for a reason. Let it be let it be.

Do not intervene in it’s process and force yourself to be part of it. You can be part of the process without being part of every part of the process. Let it be let it be.

Do not micromanage the great mystery with your own self importance. Life knew how to live before you came along. Let it be let it be.
Do not think you need to be doing something in order for something to be done. There are mysteries at work. Every cell is encoded with a plan. Let it be let it be.
There are times for bursting and blooming. And times for tasting the fruit. These times will never come if you do not first rest in the mystery of the great plan.

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