Energy Rising

The sun is a symbol of life-force, power, and vitality, and this is a card with positive, confident, decisive energy. It invites these qualities to rise within you and brings a message of clarity, decisiveness, and forward movement. Is there a decision you’re looking to make? How are you being called to step forth with confidence?

Stonehenge, a famous prehistoric stone circle in the UK, is exquisitely aligned with the majestic dance of the sun on the solstices. The Heel Stone, a solitary stone of significance, is a marker of this sacred celestial movement. If you stand at the heart of Stonehenge at sunrise on the summer solstice, you’ll see the sun ascend precisely above the Heel Stone, a sight that never fails to fill the heart with awe, vitality, confidence, and power.

Beyond marking the longest and shortest days, Stonehenge serves as a stone tapestry of the solar year. It’s possible that it was aligned with certain phases of the moon, and perhaps even with the rare and mystical eclipses, a testament to the profound understanding of the heavens possessed by our ancient ancestors.

Have you been considering whether to move forward or go ahead with a plan? It could be taking a trip, starting a business, going out on a date, giving a new relationship a go, changing jobs, trying something new, or putting yourself out there in some other way. Whatever direction you’re being called in, this is the card of decision and stepping forth with confidence. It’s time and you’re ready. Call in the energy of the sun and the stones and try something new today!


If you were feeling vital and confident, what would you do?

Today’s oracle reading is from The Ancient Stones Oracle

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