En Caul

Healer. Seer. Priest/ess/ex. Soul purpose.

The folklore of many different places, including Iceland, France, Holland, Albania, England, and Germany, has tales about a rare event called an en caul or veiled birth. This occurs when the mother goes into labor, but her waters fail to break, and the baby appears in this world still inside the amniotic sac in which it gestated.

According to tradition, children born en caul have second sight and gifts of healing. In Scotland, they were seen as good omens, and fishermen sought out birth caul (the amniotic sac) as an amulet to protect them from drowning. In ancient Egypt, they were believed to be the future priests, priestesses, and priestexes of the community.

This is the card of the healer, the seer, the wisdom keeper, and the mystic. Perhaps you’re already on this path, or perhaps it’s something new for you. The healer, the shaman, the medicine person knows that it’s through facing their own shadow and taking their own deep healing journey that they can return to guide others in their healing.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

The healer is, like all of us, in their own spiral of transformation and healing. Healed isn’t a stagnant state – the healer knows they’re not meant to be perfect and whole all the time. Instead, it’s because they’ve journeyed to the deepest, darkest, uncharted oceanic caves and returned with an open heart and mind that they’re able to hold space for another. This card is an acknowledgement of your role in the world and the deep work you’ve been doing on your own healing journey.


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