No one is immune to life’s pleasures and pains.

Earth is a planet of polarity and sometimes being human is challenging.


The pleasures of this planet usher us into a state of pure bliss.

The excruciating pains hurtle us into a state of separation and agony.

And if we allow it, our heart is stretched and made stronger through both the pleasure and the pain.


If we somehow allow our heart to stay open through the pain,

our capacity to experience the pleasure will be even more increased.


Yes, we’re here to grow through both the pleasures and the pains.

Nature shows us how  not to discriminate

between birth and death, summer and winter, spring and fall.

All are necessary to what it means to be human.


Try as we will, we can’t use spirituality or our intuition to

avoid the pains of being human or to hold on to the pleasures forever.

We came here for both.

To experience both.


The challenge is to do all we can to keep our heart open to both.

This is what it means to truly live as a human.



How do you resist your humanness?

From page 89 of Letters to A Starseed by Rebecca Campbell 


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