Rebecca Campbell Starseed Oracle

Learning how to be human. In the world, but not of it.

The challenge for all souls having a human experience is to be in the world, but not of it. To realize they are souls having a human experience and be fully conscious of it. To have their soul fully embody their body.

People’s personalities tend to relate to either transcendence or immanence. Those who lean toward transcendence have a longing for the heavens and the metaphysical: they yearn for a personal experience with God and to be lost in the heavens; they’re envious of the angels and are more comfortable praying and hanging out in the stars than on Earth.

Those who tend toward immanence have attached themselves more to Earth and their body. They spend more time thinking about things in this physical world rather than connecting with the heavens or their own mystical inner worlds. Being a fully embodied soul having a human experience means finding the balance between transcendence and immanence. Being in the world, but not of it.

Most Starseeds are drawn toward transcendence. They’re more comfortable with the angels and the heavens. Life on Earth can be more difficult for them. If this is you, you’re being reminded that you chose to be a soul in a body on Earth. And you’re being called to focus more of your energies in the physical world. To learn how to be human – a soul in a human body, fully present to what life on Earth has to offer you.

Soul Inquiry:

Do you tend to long for the stars or be more in the physical? How can you find greater balance between the two?⠀

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