It’s not helpful to run the energy of the world through your system.

It’s not helpful to attempt to carry the weight of the world on your back alone. 


It’s not helpful to let the problems of the world overwhelm you.

Action isn’t possible from a place of overwhelm.

A life’s work isn’t possible if your way of being isn’t sustainable.

Saving the world isn’t your personal mission.


Start where you are.

Carry what’s in front of you.

Be responsible for what’s yours.


 Do what you can do.

Show up, day after day after day.

Stay grounded, transmute what you can,

and be moved by daily action.


Be a revolutionary and rest hard and deep so you can

wake up and do it again and again and again.

This isn’t a sprint.

You’re needed for longer than that.

From page 189 of Letters to A Starseed by Rebecca Campbell 

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