Don’t dim to fit in

shine bright

Don’t dim yourself to accommodate for someone else’s smallness. We are all born to shine bright and expand. So if someone makes you want to retract, notice and slowly back away. They are not for you. They are certainly not one of your people. Or better yet, find it within you to expand and shine your light anyway. That’s your normal state. It’s in that state that life flows and bends towards and everything just works. You are recognised and appreciated and rewarded just for being you. Everything just feels great. When you are in that state you are a pleasure to be around. And if others don’t want to be around you or you make them feel uncomfortable it’s because you are shedding light on the fact that they are dimming to fit in themselves. And by you shining bright you may just inspire them to do the same. Or not. Shine bright anyway and watch as life shines right back at you. That’s my prayer for you.

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