Deep Sea Diving

Way of the mystic. Learn through experiencing. Depths.

The mystic wants to have a direct experience with the sacred. The sacred is everywhere and within everything, so every moment is an invitation to deepen the connection within. The mystic learns through merging with Life. Through experiencing things firsthand. Through learning about what’s known and then diving deep into what’s unknown for the chance of a direct, intimate experience.

Mystics are the sacred explorers of this world, both inner and outer. Open-hearted and minded, they’re willing to journey into the uncharted waters in order to truly live. If you receive this card, it’s likely that you’re being called to learn through direct experience. To dive in and explore things for yourself. Like the Sumerian Goddess Inanna journeying to the underworld to return completely transformed, the way of the mystic is not for the faint‑hearted. But it’s a way to truly live.

Most learn through reading books and following processes. The way of the mystic is much deeper, more experiential, and feminine. It requires faith and courage. It demands that you disregard external maps and be led from within. And while every step of the journey may not be clearly marked, the way ahead always emerges, and the transformation cannot be replicated.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

Perhaps you’re in an uncharted place in your life or being called to embrace uncertainty. You’re being called to the depths, and you’ll return transformed.


I trust my path and choose to see the sacred everywhere and within all things.

I follow the intelligence that’s within me.

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