Dark Mother Kali Ma

dark mother kali

dark mother kali

Dark Mother Kali Ma,

Thank you for rocking me and my foundations, when my soul cried for a way out.

Thank you for stubbornly burning down the tower when I did not choose to walk out myself.

Thank you for continuing to rip away all of the layers of protection so I have no choice but stand naked as I am.

Thank you for sending in wave after wave so that I know with conviction I can ride whatever comes my way.

Thank you for serving up those who did not see me so that I was forced to see myself.

Thank you for inviting in the haters so that I could learn to love myself.

Thank you for sending those who would never understand me so that I was forced to know and trust myself.

Thank you for delivering ones who overlook me so I can see how much I have to share.

Thank you for continuing to catch me off guard so I can see all of the ways I attempt to protect myself from life.

Thank you for loving so ferociously no matter how much I screamed and kicked.

Thank you for your relentless compassion and for doing it all while never expecting thank you in return.

  • Mary K

    I’ll never forget when I first met Kali Ma. She stood in my stead and protected me from a storm and I cried for the fierceness with which she loved me and stood and commanded the storm so as to move it away from me. She may seem scary to some but she is an awesome protector of the gentle feminine.

  • Rebecca Campbell

    Absolutely Mary. What a wonderful experience ????

  • jb3842

    Go it w God; He Above me/we Alone, Father Son Spirit Known/Shown (YAHWEH/Allah, YahShua HaMasiach Ben YAHWEH, Ruach YAHWEH/Holy Spirit; Lord God Eternal, HALLELUJAH! Amen!)

    God Bless bless God,



    “For God So Loved the world, He Gave His Only Son….”

  • This is awesome. I love maa kali the beautiful kind mother whose love is bigger than the sun and merciful more than my own mother….Jay ma kali 🙂 Loved going through your experience.