Cracked open

release the petals_the rose oracle_rebecca campbell

We are ever changing beings living in an ever changing world. And the world is changing a lot right now. And we are too.

For many of us, there comes a point where as much as we try to hold it all together, the pieces eventually come crumbling down. Try as we might with the super glue and blue tack, we eventually gather up the courage to loosen our grip on the world we consciously created in order for something new to bud and bloom.


The Rose knows that come the end of summer it must release the very thing that captivated others to it for the chance to bud and bloom again. And at a cellular level, we know this too.

In the midst of transformation the cracking open can feel like we are being broken. It feels like a part of us is dying because in many ways it is.

Cracked-OpenThe Starseed Oracle_Rebecca Campbell

When we are in this in between it can feel both bewildering because we are not who we once were. And if you get still enough to notice, you might also feel a glimmer of excitement as we have never been closer to who we will soon be. Change takes courage. Transformation takes faith. Nature knows how to do it and so we do too.

The world needs you cracked open. And it seems as though 2022 is continuing to invite us to surrender to it with every new week.

Soul Inquiy: 

How is life trying to crack you open right now?

What is a baby step you can take to surrender to the ever changing nature of your life?

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