Cosmic Ocean

Current dreams. Future realities. New beginnings.

Water features in the creation stories of countless cultures across the globe, perhaps more so than any other natural substance or mystery. Echoing through these symbolic narratives about the birth of the world is the notion that everything originated from water.

Many creation myths speak of Life arising from the primordial waters, or the great cosmic ocean. The Ṙig Veda, the oldest Indian sacred text, states that creation began within the darkness where all was an unrecognizable salty ocean. And to the ancient Babylonians of Mesopotamia, in the beginning, there was both salty water and sweet water, which merged to create the Gods.

In many creation myths, transformation and emergence occur in the places where natural elements overlap. While Celtic mythology doesn’t have a specific creation story, there is the fable of Eiocha, a white mare born from the foam where the sea met the land before time began.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

This card is one of promise, hope, and new beginnings. What dreams are making their way into your consciousness? What is it that you’re dedicated to creating? While the manifestation may not be immediate, time will bring things to fruition.

Trust in the whispering dreams of your destiny – just as the new beginnings of a stream may one day flow into the vast ocean, something new is beckoning to be born. So, dare deep and wide. Dream your future into reality.

Soul Inquiry

What’s the biggest dream you have that even you are yet to admit to?

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