Congratulations to Annabelle Sharman


A huge congratulations to my friend and colleague Annabelle Sharman who took part in the Diverse Wisdom UK programme and has won a publishing contract for her powerful book, Future Ancestor!

I am very grateful to the ancestors for weaving Annabelle and I together, my life is richer for it and know the world will be much richer for her words being added to the collective tapestry.

Annabelle is a proud Mutti Mutti woman, healer, writer, visionary, cultural conservationist and creative. She has a natural connection to the medicine of the land she lives on and honours and shares her ancestral cultural heritage, knowledge and wisdom through her work.

It was an honour to mentor Annabelle; her writing is authentic, moving and charged with symbolism. I am looking forward to seeing her book in the hands of many, I know it will provide deep medicine that is so needed now. I love this quote from her book proposal:

‘We are all future ancestors, and as a future ancestor we have a responsibility to nurture, protect, and restore the balance to our Mother (Earth). We are of her. She owns us. This book honours her and honours us.’

Congrats Annabelle!

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