Confidently work with your spirit guides and channel spirit

I know how it feels to know you are here for a reason with gifts to share. I know what it really takes to develop a direct relationship with spirit and become a channel for this wisdom to be embodied, shared and born.

In 2017 I became clear that I wanted to develop a deep and direct relationship with spirit, my guides and the wisdom teachings of this planet. To connect with posItive ancestors of my lineage that did not forget. I felt a deep call to unlock ancient wisdom that could not be learned in books. My soul was scheduled to go deeper than before.

Over the period that followed I was guided to see the sacred that is all around us, in the plants, the trees, the flowers, in the waters, the stars, the stones and the moon. Through working with the spirit guides of nature and beyond I was shown how we can all connect with the ancient wisdom teachings of this planet and that every single one of us can go direct.

This is the way of the mystic, the medicine person and the healer. This is the path of the artist, the poet, the spiritual seeker.

We have been taught that we must follow an external path, a rigid system of beliefs. But what I was shown is that spirituality and mystical experiences while sacred are also normal and can go direct. It is time we reweave the sacred back into the everyday.

What unfolded was a life changing journey of ancestral healing, claiming my inner wisdom and soul’s gifts and becoming more confident in my calling as a channel, teacher and spiritual guide.

I saw that each of us can access the wisdom of the universe at any moment of any day. And that we each have a role to play in the healing of humanity.

In 2016 I received a vision for The Inner Temple Mystery School Accredited Training which I spent several years working with my guides to create. The first class of enrolment began in 2022 and since then over 1000 students have graduated!

Join me on this transformative 9 month journey. Enrollment is now open until tuesday 11.59pm PST. If you enroll today you will receive over $2000 of free bonuses.

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