Releasing the old. Energetic tune‑up. New beginnings.

Water has been deeply associated with both physical and spiritual cleansing since ancient times. We use water to cleanse our day away as we bathe, and many of the world’s faith traditions use water as a means of spiritual purification, from immersion in holy rivers to baptism and ritual baths.

Pilgrims around the world journey to numerous sites for the healing and cleansing qualities of their waters. The water in the grounds of Japan’s Hongu Sengen Taisha, a Shinto shrine at the foot of sacred Mount Fuji, is seen as both deeply holy and self-purifying. Flowing from the melting snow at the volcano mountain’s summit, it forms washing pools that call people to them from near and far.

Many believe that these pools are very mystical and powerful. Local legend says that the depth of the pool waters magically changes according to the size of the person who enters them, adapting to the level of their submergence.

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While visiting the healing water sites of the world is an incredible thing to do, we don’t need to travel to experience the healing and cleansing power of water for ourselves. You probably already use water in this way, although perhaps not consciously. As you shower or bathe or as you wash your hands, consider the water, and call on it to support you by washing away what’s coming to an end or is no longer in alignment, leaving space for what you’d like to birth anew.


What’s no longer in alignment or coming to an end that you’re ready to release?

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