Channeled reflections for 2022


Slowing down to the pace of the earth. Endings. Inner Winter. Returning home. Returning to ourselves, each other and the earth. Needing less. Sustainability. Simplicity. Humbled. Ancestral patterns and healing. Devotion. The true yearnings within. The depths. Inner and outer relationships. Processing trauma. Somatic healing. Embodiment. Writing a new future for humanity. Internally focused. Death. Labor/Birthing ourselves. Being in the in-between. Seeing the sacred in the everyday. Realising that we are the seeds. Kindness. Compassion. Creativity. Collaboration.

Humble integration

After the huge initiation of 2020, 2021 has hurtled us into a humble integration. We were tenderised in the crucible of 2020 and our eyes were opened to how much we had taken for granted, overridden or overlooked. After decades of much advancement and exploration, we are being called to slow down, focus on what really matters and to return to ourselves, each other and the earth.

We are each part of humanity. Humanity is part of nature. Nature is part of the earth. The earth is part of the cosmos. The cosmos is the organised Universe. And for the first time in our existence, we have been experiencing something together. No life has remained the same. We are being taught that change is and always has been, our natural state.

The time we are living in, that has been prophesied for millennia, is here. We each chose to be here now. And what a time we chose to come.

come-home-to-yourselfThe Starseed Oracle_Rebecca Campbell

‘The Labyrinth’ from The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel

Finding our way back to ourselves and each other

Over the past year so many of our relationships have been tested. Unconscious patterns and programming have been under the spotlight. So much of what we took for granted has been taken away. Endings have been rampant. 

So many moments and milestones have gone unwitnessed. Community, belonging and our connection to the home, the consciousness of the land and the country we live in has been highlighted. We are all experiencing our own awakenings, and the awakening process is not always pretty. It almost always requires a cracking open, a grieving of what once was and a period of integration.

A big message for these times is that there is not One Truth, but as many truths as people in the world. And that deep down, we are all souls who have taken the great courageous journey to embody this human suit at this extreme time in human history. 

Division has been at an all time high. The biggest test seems to be: can I open my heart wide enough to realise that two experiences can exist at the same time? Can I realise that my brother, sister, mother, father, neighbour, friend or foe can have a very real experience or opinion and that I can have one that is just as true but not the same? And that despite these opposites, is it possible to keep my heart open through it – to hold two emotions and truths at once? 

We are being shown more and more how many of the inherited and learned ways humanity, our ancestors and we have been living out of alignment and congruence with the intelligent pulse of the Earth. We are being shown that while so many magnificent things have been created, we must turn our gaze within and slow down to the pace of the Earth, which is the pace of the cosmos, as the Earth is part of the cosmos. 


rebecca campbell

Weaving the sacred back in

When we surrender to the intelligence of nature, we can find solutions to problems that we could not otherwise find. Now more than ever we need to weave the sacred back into our everyday lives. To honour the holy moments and simple things that we have taken for granted. To create new rituals and ways to honour moments for ourselves and each other. 

We are discovering that the true yearnings of our soul are actually so much simpler than we could ever have imagined. And that when we take our guidance from within we consume less and less. We are beginning to really see that the Earth is not separate from the cosmos, and we are but a speck in the knowable Universe. Deeper and deeper we are being invited to see that what happens above exists below; what happens outside of us is a reflection of what is happening within us. Again and again we have been invited to surrender to the pace of the Earth, to see our bodies as the Earth and return to our humanity over our separateness. 

We are questioning those things that were largely unquestioned. We are redesigning the way we live our lives. Again and again we are being prompted to stop being led from the outside and turn our gaze within.

While these times have delivered to us our own unique personal syllabus, as a whole we seem to also be in something together. A mixing pot of healing is being stirred up globally. We are expressing emotions that have long been dormant. We are certainly in some kind of planetary labor. The ground which we were planted in is shifting and we are being called to plant ourselves more deeply than before. We are realising that we are the seeds for the future humanity. 


Ever changing, ever changing, ever changing

For many years, perhaps even decades, we have been urgently called to realign our lives to the intelligent pulse of life, to our soul, humanity and the planet. It is blatantly clear that if we want to continue to thrive on this planet we must return to ourselves, the earth and each other, again and again. 

We are the ancestors of those yet to come and if they are to continue to come here, we must wake up and act accordingly. To realise that we have within us and around us, everything we need to thrive on this planet.

Can we see each other as part of the same human family? Will we ever zoom out enough to see our humble place on the earth and in the cosmos as the ordered Universe? How long will it take to realise that the plants, the water, the trees, the air, are all here for us? Will we remember and learn how to be here for them? Will we slow down and notice the incredible intelligence of nature around us, this intelligence that holds answers to so many of the questions that we are asking and seeking answers to? We are humbly being called to return humanity to the circle of life rather than the top of the pyramid. To go from ‘divide and conquer’ to collaboration and community. To stop seeing nature as something that we “step into”, and rather something that we ARE a part of, from the stars to the sea. 


rebecca campbell

Slowing down to the pace of the earth

The old patriarchal obsession of the bloom and grow, grow, grow mentality has become impossible to sustain. Again and again we are being called back to the Earth, to the soil, to our bodies, to each other. Our disconnection from the earth and the feminine has caused so much to move out of alignment. Now it is time to slow down and take her lead. To drop our roots deep. To find new ground to build our home. To stop worshiping the external temple and go in, in, in. To see the sacred in the seed and the soul in the soil. To face the greatest, most certain mysteries of life that our culture has for too long avoided: birth, death and change.

These times feel overwhelming because they are. They are not meant to be smooth sailing; things are meant to change in the same way that you are meant to change. The rose knows it must throw its petals to the wind for the chance of a second bloom. And then it surrenders the very thing that captivated others to it, for the promise of being transformed into the rosehip.

This is a time of much unwinding, unbinding, mourning and healing, of humble acceptance and deep cellular processing. What has previously been overlooked, misunderstood, pushed down, glossed over or bypassed is now erupting from deep within us and all around us. We are seeing what has been stored deep in the cells of our ancestral lines. We are coming face to face with the many moments when soul and cell were separated. Ancestral patterns and memories are spiralling within and around us. Some of us are here to feel what has not been felt. To process what has not been processed – on behalf of the planet, our families, our communities and our ancestral lines. Many are experiencing a sudden processing of trauma that we did not even know was there. The processing of things lived and passed on from cell to cell. 

Earth-Pulsing-newThe Starseed Oracle_Rebecca Campbell

‘Earth Pulsing’ from The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel

Returning to the garden

We as a planet are being hurtled back to the earth, to the earth, to the earth. To the arms of the Earth and to each other. We are being called to take the child within us into the rose of our own hearts. To be the mother and father we most long for, to acknowledge the ache within. To answer the deepest yearning of our soul.

In many ways we have been called to focus on what really matters, to change old, destructive, inherited behaviours and find new ways to weave meaning back into our daily lives. 

Soul Inquiry:

What is your soul’s deepest yearning?

Called The Starseed Oracle_Rebecca Campbell

‘Called’ from The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel

We all have a role to play, but only we know our role

These days it seems like there is so much pressure to do, be and act in a certain way. There is so much external noise; now more than ever it is so crucial to find the time to go within and be led from there. To truly be in relationship with the intelligence within. To devote our lives to living in alignment with our soul’s deepest yearnings and the intelligence of the earth. This intelligence is within all living things, it tells the planet how to spin, it tells the flowers when to bloom, the tides when to come in and out, and it also exists within you too.

lightworker_doube mission card from the starseed oracle

‘Double Mission’ from The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel


We are living in a time between myth and story. We are the weavers of a new world, the future ancestors of those who are yet to come. Each of us, like a thread in the tapestry of time. A unique note in the orchestra of life. We were never meant to be the same, we came here to be woven and sung. 


Rebecca x

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