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If you look up the word nature in a dictionary, you’ll see that one definition is ‘all the plants, animals, and physical features on the Earth, as well as its forces and processes.’ You’ll also see that this definition doesn’t just omit humans, it specifically states that we’re not part…

plant yourself here

Plant Yourself Here

Plant yourself here. Invite your soul to come all of the way in. From your your knees to your nose, your cheeks to your toes. Fully embody your life. Drop the defensive walls. Let your soul land and occupy each and every cell. Anchor all parts of you into the…

rose rebecca campbell

The more personal it feels

The more personal it feels, the more universal it actually is. We are all innocent children looking to be seen, understood and cherished. With wounds and traumas no matter what life has dealt. Souls doing their best to be embodied. Deeply longing to belong.

rose rebecca campbell

Activated Earth

We live in a time where many of us have we have become disconnected from the land beneath us. Somewhere along the way a severing happened. A moment where it became too painful to stay connected. And as such we find ourselves wondering where we truly belong. Wandering around, not…