Red Magazine Interview

I was honoured to be interviewed by Red Magazine’s for their #ThisIsASmartWoman week on my journey, advice I’d give to my younger self, who my role models are and random things like ummmmm how I wish teleportation exited (obvs).

anything inauthentic can no longer survive

Anything inauthentic can no longer survive

Anything inauthentic can no longer survive. Anything that is not in alignment with who we truly are is proving harder and harder to hold onto. Rugs are being pulled. Foundations are crumbling. Sometimes, the tower must fall. It’s as if the Universe is trying with all its mite to get our attention….

heart's deepest prayer

What’s your heart’s deepest prayer?

What’s your heart’s deepest prayer? Every heart has a deep prayer that make all the other desires, goals and wants look like background music. When we dive into the bountiful depths of our heart, this prayer pulls us towards it like the suns rays glimmering through the ocean or the…

getting the call from hay house

Getting the call from Hay House

I feel like I’ve been searching my entire life and I know a lot of you can relate. I’d always had that niggling feeling that there was something I was supposed to be doing, something that I was here to do. This unshakable feeling found me spending my school holidays…

What I’ve learned about life lessons

For as long as I can remember I looked at life lessons as these things that I needed to tick off a list in order to get a gold star and move onto the next one (even as a little girl I guess I was a typical type A over…

When it’s time to let go

It definitely happened but it’s not still happening. That thing. It happened. It was horrible. Painful. Hard. Unfair. And you’re angry. Hurt. Left to hold it on your own. The past. It most definitely happened. But you don’t need to keep living it. Living it over and over with each fresh…

answer the ache

Answer the ache

I believe we each have within us an aching that is craving to be met. It’s not a physical ache and it’s not a mental one. It’s much much deeper than that. We came into this life with it and it drives our deepest desires (our best decisions and our…

Be productive do nothing

When we play or do anything without an attachment to the outcome our right brain is activated. The right brain is home to our intuition. Our intuition has the potential to help us leap and put things together that our left brain could not. Be productive. Do nothing.

Hello fear my old friend

You gotta look at your fear to get over it. The more we avoid it, the more it drives everything we do. Most people do everything they can to avoid it. they go around and around it rather than looking it square in the eye and going in. If we…