Soul Growth

uncharted waters of healing

The uncharted waters of healing

Often healing is a slow, steady process. It is complex, not linear. It takes as long as it takes. And most of the time that is much longer than we wish it was. But like all things in nature, there is a mysterious intelligence to it. And if we trust it…

Staying open through the extremes of life

Today marks nine months since my son was born. My family were due to be here with me now, but due to obvious world conditions, they cannot leave Australia. My dad still hasn’t held him so I’m feeling a little homesick. I’m also feeling closer to God/The Mother than I…


The importance of grounded action

  I hope you are okay amidst everything that is happening around the world. We are still in lockdown here in the UK. Like most new mums I’m pretty sleep deprived and juggling the running of my business during lockdown. Like many, I am missing my family and friends AND…

the other is now us

The other is now us

All of the things we are going through right now are things that were already going on across the globe (hunger, sickness, loneliness, loss of jobs, loss of homes and many more deeply sad things). The only difference is that right now as a planet, we are going through it…



I believe that a Starseed is someone who knows that they are a multidimensional being and that there is more to life than we see here on Earth.  A multidimensional being is someone who knows that they are made up of more than just mind and body. Some people come…


  Welcome to my corner of the world. My work is all about weaving the soul back into everyday life and helping people to live a soul lead life. In my newsletter and all of my creations, I share inspiration and tools to help you deepen your relationship with your…

rebecca campbell opening soul space

Being a clear vessel in times of change

No one can get a clearer reading on who you are and what you are going through than you. This is why we are called to dig deep in times of change. Why it’s more crucial than ever to stay grounded. To be surrounded by people who champion your own…

what i am reading

What I’m reading right now

I’m getting ready to go on my annual summer holiday and as I seem to be incapable of just reading one book at a time I tend to attempt to squeeze in 10 books into my carry on – just in case I feel inspired to read them. In most…


Write the book of your soul

I’m so excited to let you know that my new course Discover your Cosmic Blueprint is here!  This in-depth, experiential, informative course will guide you on a unique and powerful exploration of your own soul, helping you to map your unique soul history, unlock your soul’s gifts and step toward what you came…


Have you had a past life in Atlantis?

First referenced by Plato and then psychics such as Edgar Cayce, the search for Atlantis is much discussed. Many have devoted their lives and everything they have to discovering this lost treasured land. It is thought that the continent of Atlantis was bigger than Asia and that it existed in…


Have you had a past life in Avalon?

Avalon is perhaps the most recent lost land, thought to exist on the continents of the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe. It is said that Avalon is the place where King Arthur was taken after being deeply wounded in battle. Some believe it was a physical place, others believe…

peony rose rebecca campbell

What is your soul flower?

  What is your soul flower?  Flowers are teachers bringing in wisdom from other realms. They have healed me more than anything and are available to do the same for you.  I believe we each have a particular flower than informs our soul. And through connecting with that flower it…

hay house world summit

The search for conscious tv

                I love nothing more than a good old Netflix session after a big day creating or doing sessions. It’s my ultimate guilty pleasure. But I seem to get more and more sensitive when it comes to what I can consume these days….

You are not for everyone rebecca campbell

You are not for everyone

The world is filled with people who, no matter what you do, will point blank not like you. But it is also filled with those who will love you fiercley. They are your people. You are not for everyone and that’s OK. Talk to the people who can hear you….

Rebecca Campbell

Leading from the feminine

  For the past nine months I’ve been going through quite a significant change. A career girl who had learned to make it in a man’s world, I realised how I had been living in a way that did not honour the cyclic nature of my body. I discovered how I…

taylor james

Shedding the layers of 2015

As I sit here reflecting on what has without a doubt been the most outwardly amazing year of my life, a year where so many of my long term goals have come into form (book published with two more coming, wedding in a couple of days, finding true sacred sisterhood, teaching…