No one is immune to life’s pleasures and pains. Earth is a planet of polarity and sometimes being human is challenging.   The pleasures of this planet usher us into a state of pure bliss. The excruciating pains hurtle us into a state of separation and agony. And if…

rebecca campbell

Some of the things that I believe

I believe that being in nature is one of the quickest ways to connect to our soul and that all people are intuitive because to be intuitive is to be human. I believe that as humans we do not just exist in nature, rather we are nature. And that when…

rebecca campbell

A little bit about me

I haven’t done one of these introduction posts here before but love reading them and haven’t posted on here for such a long time and my baby is actually asleep for once, so here goes. I’m a new mum to a strong willed sweet baby boy called Sunny and a…


Keeping your heart open. The challenge of life is to keep your heart open through the excruciating lows. We all face them. Moments when the only way of coping feels like caving in, cutting off and closing down. And while this may be a necessary form of survival. Of preservation….

buy yourself flowers

Buy yourself flowers

Don’t wait for someone else to give you what you need. Go give it to yourself. Fill up your well. It is only when we are filled up that we can spill over and truly share our love with another. You are no use to someone when you are running on…

be courageous live from your heart

Be courageous. Live from your heart

Living from your heart takes courage because when you live from your heart there is nothing to hide behind. You are out there, for all to see. You are daringly saying, this is who I am and this is what I truly believe and desire. You let yourself be seen,…

your heart is elastic

Your heart is elastic

Your heart is elastic. It can grow or expand according to how much you are ready to receive. It can be stretched and filled up with all of the love that is flowing through the Universe. Which is a lot. In fact, it’s unlimited. You have constant access at all…

beautiful peonies

The healing heart

These beautiful peonies just don’t want to open. But when they do, they will be glorious. We can be like that too. When we are deeply hurt it can feel impossible to once again open our heart to the light of the world. To the hope of new beginnings. To…

Come home to yourself

Home. A patch of land. A group of people. A place. A feeling. That eternal search to belong. Like many travellers I’ve been on that journey. That adventure. That search. And as I board another plane I’ve come to realise that mine is a portable one. It has no bricks…

Let it crack you open

Be open to being cracked open. Wide open. It’s the difficult times that help us grow. In leaps and bounds and ways that we could only dream possible. Or impossible. But at first they have to crack us open. And sometimes it hurts like hell. It’s nature’s way. But the…

Think with your heart

In the womb, our human heart is the first organ to develop. The moment it stops beating, this life is officially over. But the power of this magnificent organ lies much deeper than its four-chambered walls. The heart has an energy field that is 5000 times greater than the brain….