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The contractions crashed through her like a lonely ship at sea in a storm. She let out a sound so guteral that it set off a signal to the centre of all of the worlds. As she drew circles with her hips her child was given the key to pass…

rebecca campbell

Falling into the arms of the Great Mother

We are here we have returned. Over and over and over again we fall into the arms of the Great Mother. Our souls leaping into the void and then into the exhilaration and bliss and aloneness of separation for a glimpse of experiencing our soul in its individuation. Doing the…

rose rebecca campbell

Activated Earth

We live in a time where many of us have we have become disconnected from the land beneath us. Somewhere along the way a severing happened. A moment where it became too painful to stay connected. And as such we find ourselves wondering where we truly belong. Wandering around not…



Deep in the English countryside in a forest of silver birch, hazel, cherry and oak She found herself in circle with three women who truly saw Her. Priestesses from times past. For so long journeying solo. At last, at last, reunited at last. Their parched souls yearning for the nourishment that only a…

Returning to Avalon

Returning to Avalon

For some time now I have been feeling pangs deep within my heart to retreat, slow down and stop. To make a personal pilgrimage. While my spiritual practice is non-negotiable, with the launch of my book and all that goes with it I have been running on empty. Not doing…


Thank you, good bye, hello

Thank you, goodbye, hello. An ode to Regent’s Park. Tomorrow I move house and so today I am sadly saying goodbye to the park  that has given me so much. My morning practice has been walking and meditating in it each morning. It has filled my heart, fed my spirit and inspired my soul…

the mystic always rises

The Mystic Always Rises

The Mystic always rises. As let her soul sing her, she let go of  lifetimes worth of silenced truth missiles cemented in the deepest caverns of her soul. A voice snubbed out for centuries, for saying too much, for standing up too much, for being too much. Her intuition and bigness restrained…

divine feminine

Who rule the world?

In human history, God has been considered male for 0.25% and female for 97.75% of the time. It’s time to love your curves ladies. We create miracles without even trying.