You can’t buy devotion

you can't buy devotion

You can’t buy devotion. Devotion can only be gathered by showing up over and over again with intention. In the Age of Light devotion is everything. What are you showing up to with devotion every day?

As a leader of this new age your devotion is what will be felt. People will be able to sense if you are in it for you and your own gain or if you are in it for them, for we, for thee.

When you live your life in devotion you live your life in ultimate service. When we show up to our devotional practice, we are aligned to service and authenticity instantly. When we are aligned, that which is meant for us starts moving towards us like a magnet. You go from my will to thy will. You go from trying to control, manipulate and strive to surrendering in full. Your daily devotional practice gives your life rhythm, a beat to live to.

In order to live a life of devotion, a devotional practice is imperative, whether that is meditation, chanting, Light Bathing, yoga, prayer, or something else. The more you show up to your devotional practice, the more you will be held. The more you are held, the easier the devotion becomes. You are carried. For you are not doing for an outcome, rather your whole life becomes one big moving prayer.

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