Calling in your ancient spirit guide

Do you see faces in stones? Have you ever sensed a being in nature? Or visited a sacred place and felt changed?

I can’t quite believe it is over 20 years since I first went traveling and connected to ancient stones circles and temples for the first time. From that moment on I was forever changed.

I was a kid with an insatiable thirst for ancient wisdom, forever buying second hand books filled with temples and myths of times ancient.

Record keepers, wisdom holders, Backbones of the planet, elders of the earth. Stones have been here much longer than we and through them we can reach back to our ancient ancestors and learn from them. They have seen civilisations come and go and if we are open to it they can transmit deep wisdom to us.

Working on The Ancient Stones Oracle was a life changing experience for myself and artist Katie Louise. Working with the ancient stones as a guide was much more steady and grounded than other guides I have worked with such as Starseed, Rose and Waters. And yet the transformation within us was utterly immense. The stones connected us more deeply to the consciousness of the Earth, the sacred masculine within and facilitated deep ancestral healing, holding and protection.

When I created The Inner Temple Mystery School Training I was most excited to create the Ancient Stones mystery module. And I was blown away by how transformative so many of the students found working with stones. So often hidden in plain sight, working with them as a guide invited their soul to come all the way in. Working with the stones wove the sacred so deeply into their everyday life. Working with the stones made them feel held, supported and protected.

If you would like to have a peak at each of the cards in the oracle you can watch this special Flip Through video

 on youtube now here!

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