Break the Chain

Break the Chain Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle

Ancestral patterns. Healing. Rewriting the future.

You are being called to heal your family line or free yourself from living the life of your ancestors. This could mean letting go of an old pattern of your maternal or paternal line. Healing trauma from the past that is not even yours or observing old ways of being that no longer serve you.

We carry emotional trauma in our luminous field for up to seven generations back. This is why family patterns can be the hardest to break. Often, they are not even ours to begin with. But we do not know another way of being and so we continue playing out the drama.

The thing to notice when ancestral healing comes up is that you cannot heal another person, but your own healing can cause another person to choose to heal. Energy is freed up. You are being guided now to look at your life and decide how you want it to be. What ways of being or patterns are you ready to free yourself from? What part of your future do you want to rewrite? Now is the time to shake them off and dream a new future into being.

△ Work Your Light Action: What old ways of being from your family line are you ready to let go? Seek assistance from your support team (tribe, friends, healer, coach, etc.) to begin freeing yourself from it now. △

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