Generously given. Relationships. Coming together.

When water is present, Life is present. It’s a gift offered to us and through us. Generously offered. Bountifully given. We’re beginning to wake up to this precious substance we have in our lives. And never take it for granted. Clean, running water is a privilege that many in the West fail to appreciate, and it’s one that many around the world go without.

This card encourages you to appreciate the gifts, bounty, opportunities, and privileges that are in your life. To embrace what you need, but also be generous to others who might not have what you have. To acknowledge and receive the abundance around you, but also share it. To appreciate the simple things in your life, like running water.

Don’t hoard what you don’t need. Share the plenty that surrounds you and watch as it swells and grows. Move from competition to collaboration. Rewrite the script of me against you. Welcome the wellspring that eternally bubbles up from deep within. Share what you love freely. So often, Life is that much more enjoyable when it’s shared with others.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

Where water is, Life thrives. Where water flows, things are much more alive. Don’t hoard and stagnate– welcome mutual exchanges, share what you’ve been blessed with, and watch as everything around you and within you becomes more and more alive.

Soul Inquiry

How can you appreciate the bounty that’s already around you?

How can you be more generous in your life?

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