Book update!

Rebecca Campbell Glastonbury Abbey

Hello from the homestretch of the land of book editing!

I had thought I was almost done a couple of weeks ago but got some feedback from my editor hurtling us back in deeper than before! This book is most definitely has a special pace to it, just when I think I’m done, another chapter drops in and my job seems to be to braid it all together with too many cups of coffee, nettle and rose tea either in nature or bed!

It begins in a yoga studio in Hammersmith, west London during my Kirtan chanting training when I stepped into the centre of the circle and my life would forever change.

In this experience I connected to the great mother, original mother to us all and the ancient grandmothers of the earth. They have been teaching me since and it’s taken me many years to integrate and stabilise that experience seven years ago! It also hurtled me into a period of awakening which I call “the descent”.

I’m also at the final stages of finalising the book cover, which is part of the process that I find the most stressful tbh as I care so much about it! We have been through many rounds but nothing felt like a match to my aesthetic and the content of the book. We had many very pretty covers, but this is not a pretty book, it’s beautiful but not pretty, just as the dark nights of the soul and cycle breaking and ancestral healing are not pretty. But they can be beautiful. All this to say that the cover is not what you would expect and I love it!!!! As soon as it’s ready you’ll be the first to see it.

The flowers are finally here in Glastonbury and my mum is here visiting which has been so so helpful with the kids and life logistics! Once I finish this part of the edit we are heading to London for a couple of nights

Personally right now I feel like I’m reemerging from a very long period of transformation. I feel new seeds of potency    s l o w l y    (but surely) arriving and I keep reminding myself to  savour it all, there is no rush. The deeper you go, the higher you will be able to reach. It really is a sacred art of rebirth…. knowing when to surrender and when to push!

I’ve made so many big decisions already this year already around the shape of my life and my work. The apple blossoms are reminding me that sweetness will follow if you have the courage to cut things back in devotion to what truly longs to be reborn.


P.s. We are getting ready for something new in The Sanctuary starting next week called the Step into your Power Challenge: 8 days of chanting and journaling to set yourself free! If you’d like to join us you can here.

P.P.S Come on retreat with me this Summer! Find out more here.

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