Birthing a New Age

Birthing a New Age Rebecca Campbell The Work Your Light Oracle

Birthing new creations.  Dreaming a new world into being.

Often our path is exactly the one that we don’t feel prepared to walk. Walk it anyway. Often what is rising feels far bigger than we could possibly hold. Be a container for it anyway. Often our creations seem to have a wild, uncontrollable consciousness of their own. Birth them anyway. Often what is ours to do is the very thing that most intimidates us. Be courageous and do it anyway. We are birthing a new age.

Right now, we’re in a transition period between ages. In the process of allowing the old cycle to fall away and the new to rise. Like driving in the fog and trusting the road will appear ahead, we need to release old identities and ways that no longer serve us, using our intuition as a compass.

You are part of a group of souls who have been incarnating at significant periods of history preparing for this exact time. Dreaming a new world into being: Magdalene sisters, daughters of Isis, Essenes, priestesses, witches, mystics, healers, seers, artists, midwives, visionaries, guardians of the Earth, and storytellers from times past.

It is time to give permission and space for what is beckoning within to be born. We are dreaming a new world into being.

Work Your Light Activation:

Hold your hand on your heart and say: ‘I am open to surrendering to the creations that are wanting to be birthed through me. May I be of service in a way that delights my mind, body, and soul. Please use me, please lead me, please show me the way.’

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