Birth, resistance and the creative process

I’m just back from Edinburgh where I was speaking at the Writer’s Workshop. It was my birthday while I was there and my first big in-person event in over three years, and it felt so good! I spoke to a room full of writers about my writing and creative process, with a very pregnant belly. It’s one of my favourite topics to speak on, and as always, new things came through on connecting with the creative muse and using the birth mysteries as inspiration for the creative process!

Personally my creative process is full of resistance, and actually, it is very often through facing this resistance that the greatest creative breakthroughs come. In fact, the best writing and creations I have ever written were through the portal of resistance and calling upon my creative muse to show me the way through it.

It was so good to meet so many inspiring people who were acting on an inner call, including a very powerful group of writers in this year’s Diverse Wisdom group, members of The Sanctuary and students from my Inner Temple Mystery School Training… In Real Life!

The last big event I did was in Portland, Oregon, when I was pregnant with my son. That was also a very special day, and I wonder how the presence of the child influences what comes through each time I speak, just as each workshop is unique, a sacred co-creation of those who happen to hear the call to gather.

This might just have been my last trip before hunkering down for the winter and birth. Last time I was pregnant I spent all my energy preparing for the birth and postpartum period and didn’t even set up a nursery for my son. Birth was a big deal for me, and this preparation was extreme and deep. I might write more about it some day.

This pregnancy, having already been through the birth portal once, I feel I can now see beyond the birth, and I’m feeling the pull to nest and prepare the space for my daughter to arrive earthside. I’m growing more and more curious as to who has chosen to come, and wonder where they were before. Though I felt the presence of my babies in utero, I personally have not felt the urge to enquire too deeply into soul communication, rather enjoying the physical intimacy of the experience.

To me, it feels like a precious bud preparing to bloom, and so far I have not felt the urge to pry the petals open, knowing there are mysteries at play here.

Birth is one of two initiations we all share. Death the other. Both fascinate me more than anything else.
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