Beneath the Surface

What’s really driving you? True motives. Breaking free.

Often, the things that we think we want are not what we really want, deep down. Sometimes we go after them because the world has told us we should do certain things or be a certain way, and we don’t realize there’s a choice.

Sometimes we’re driven by the need to keep up, be approved of, or fit in. Sometimes we do things just because we’ve always done them, and we can’t even see out of the box that’s containing us. Sometimes, what we’re chasing is really chasing us.

What is it that you truly want? And why do you want what you truly want? Be honest about it – what are you chasing that’s holding you captive? Are you being called to break free of the box that’s containing you? What’s beneath the surface of what you currently see? What are your true motives, deep down? Are you expending energy on things that aren’t true inner yearnings? What’s really driving your behavior and your desires?

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

It’s time to move from confusion to clarity. To question the narrative, realign yourself, and reclaim your life. To open your mind to what it is that you really, truly want and then re‑orient yourself toward it. It’s safe to change your mind, to step out of the box, to choose a different way of being.

Look beneath the surface of your day‑to‑day life and reflect on what’s really driving you and what you really, truly want. Freedom always follows. And so does ease and fulfilment.

Soul Inquiry

What are you doing that you don’t really want to do?

What are you doing just because you always have?

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